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Welcome to St. Ann Catholic School!

Success is a team sport!


  We are a service organization that operates on three pillars; community, enrichment, and growth.  Volunteerism is a cornerstone of our success and we cannot do that without the St. Ann Catholic School community.  Through our activities we are able to provide many programs, school improvement projects and so much more.  These programs serve to enrich the children/students of St. Ann Catholic School.  The Parent Support Team (PST) continues to look toward the future and the continued growth of the school and provide community building activities to bond our growing community.

It is the mission of the St. Ann Catholic School Parent Support Team to support the Catholic education of our children in five specific areas: academics, community building, administrative efforts, fundraising and communication.  Our goal is to raise and spend funds wisely for the advancement of our school and the educational welfare of our children.  We will communicate with all parties and strengthen the bonds of families, students, administrators, and parish members.